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StrucTemp has more than 40 years construction design experience and with the aid of general and specialist complex computer modelling capabilities we can provide project concentric solutions for all forms of permanent and temporary works design 



We have extensive experience in every type of temporary works design, including:

  • Stabilishing existing buildings during reconstruction and facade retention 
  • Excavation support and slope stability 
  • Non-standard “designed” scaffolds (including temporary roofs)
  • Tower crane foundations and mats for mobile cranes and piling rigs
  • Formwork and falsework design
  • Site hoardings and signboards
  • Jacking, sliding & lifting schemes 





We provide value-engineered designs that consider buildability whilst recognising build cost as a prime consideration and ensuring adequate and robust performance of the completed structures. As with all of our work, as Construction Design Engineers, we constantly seek smarter ways of working to enhance the programme and economy of construction.


We can assist with all aspects of a design and constructively review the designs of third-party engineers.



In addition to our computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities, our unique expertise in BIM  will enable our clients to visualise structures and operations well before the site operations.


We utilise the latest softwares to produce data-enriched BIM Level 2 compliant civil and structural models to produce detailed designs and support clash detection and manufacture. We can deliver project models within a Common Data Environment (CDE) as specified in the BS1192 suit of standards and digital plan of works, allowing a federated intelligent model to be used for the life-cycle of the building.


Our CAD services include 2D engineering drawings,3D modelling, swept path analysis, vehicle tracking, solid resin models and 4D presentations.

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